After a 4-year-old was shown waving a gun on US TV, a man was arrested.

In the US state of Indiana, a man was detained live on television when his four-year-old son was spotted brandishing a rifle while seeming to be diapered.

After neighbors reported a child in a hallway with what they thought was a weapon, Shane Osborne, 45, was charged with negligence, according to the police.

On Patrol: Live broadcast footage of the arrest.

The program released surveillance footage that purportedly showed the child handling a gun and even squeezing the trigger.

According to Beech Grove Authorities, Mr. Osborne initially informed police there were no guns in the residence while claiming to have been sick all day and napping.

He tells police on the program, where Beech Grove cops are observed during shifts, “I don’t have a gun.” “If there is a pistol in this house, it belongs to my cousin; I have never brought one in.”

He continued by saying he was unaware that his son had gone outside in the apartment complex’s hallway.

A neighbor approached the authorities with surveillance footage while they were still on the scene. The small child was seen on camera in the corridor with what looked like a real gun.

When the police discovered the weapon in Mr. Osborne’s residence, he was taken into custody.

On the TV program that airs on the Reelz channel, everything was transmitted live. On Tuesday, Mr. Osborne is scheduled to appear in court.

Dennis Buckley, the mayor of Beech Grove, expressed his “mortification” about the incident to local station WTHR.

“Like you all, I’m ashamed of what happened and incredibly grateful that nobody was wounded, especially the tiny child.

He added, “I applaud the prompt action taken by the Beech Grove Police Department to secure the young child and the alleged pistol.

It happens in the same month that a 6-year-old student is accused of shooting his teacher at an elementary school in Virginia with a firearm in what the police called a “intentional” shooting.

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