German police deny staging a protest detention, according to Greta Thunberg

In response to erroneous assertions that Greta Thunberg’s detention at a rally in western Germany was staged, German police have denied acting as “extras for Greta Thunberg.”

The climate activist being detained by the police was not “all set up for the cameras,” as reported in a widely shared tweet.

Ms. Thunberg and other activists fought to prevent the abandoned village of L├╝tzerath from being destroyed so a coal mine could be expanded.

Millions of people have watched the police removing her in the video.

In response to claims that Ms. Thunberg’s detention was staged, a local police official told the BBC, “We would never offer ourselves to produce such recordings.”

They continued, “However, it is crucial that the police facilitate reporting and ensure the safety of media personnel.”

The climate activist is surrounded on either side by police officers in the viral footage.

While Ms. Thunberg smiles, a few photographers can be seen taking pictures of her and moving around her.

She appears to be waiting with a number of other policemen who were standing around before being led away from the site.

Some people on the internet have seized upon the times when Ms. Thunberg and the officers are waiting to make the incorrect assertion that it is all part of a staged picture opportunity.

The spokeswoman said, “They had to wait for a few minutes before they could bring her to a specific police car.”

The circumstance has been manipulated by individuals with political objectives, they said, and the true motivation is wholly ordinary and practical.

The police officers “were deciding how they would proceed with the identity check and waiting to take Greta to the police vehicle,” according to Christian Wernicke, a journalist from the German news organization S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung who was present at the time.

“I got the idea there was confusion. Greta was not the first demonstrator removed from the sit-in, “Added Mr. Wernicke.

“I’ve observed a variety of responses to the video. The police appear to be setting her up in the video, according to some, while others claim it’s all propaganda.

“People are reading this film and utilizing it for their own purposes,”

Numerous people online mistakenly asserted that it was a “fake arrest,” although police later clarified that Ms. Thunberg had only been momentarily held rather than being arrested.

Detained at a German coal protest was Greta Thunberg
Thunberg participates in the “Pinky” and “Brain” tunnel protest
According to police, the activists were apprehended as they “rushed towards the ledge” of the Garzweiler 2 mine.

Officers added that none of those who were detained would face charges.

Ms. Thunberg has regularly been the subject of internet conspiracies and untrue allegations, frequently from people who reject the existence of human-caused climate change.

Tweeted by her: “I participated in a group that yesterday peacefully protested the growth of a coal mine in Germany. The cops kettled us, took us into custody, and later released us.

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