Jose Mourinho, the manager of Roma, received his third red card of the year as his team lost to Cremonese in Serie A.

A late Daniel Ciofani penalty gave Cremonese a 2-1 victory, giving them their first victory of the year.

Mourinho, 60, was dismissed two minutes into the second half but claimed the fourth official provoked him.

“I’m sensitive, but not insane. The former Chelsea manager claimed, “For the first time in my career, a referee responded to me in an unjustified manner.

“Something happened for me to react the way I did. I need to know right away if there is anything I can do in terms of discipline.

For the incident in which Mourinho claimed the fourth official gave referee Marco Piccinini the order to issue a red card without fully describing what occurred on the touchline, Mourinho was given a two-game suspension and was fined 10,000 euros.

After a loss that dropped Roma to fifth in Serie A, Mourinho said, “Unfortunately, the fourth official doesn’t have the honesty to say what he said to me, how he said it, and the way he handled me, which obviously caused my reaction.

“I want to check to see whether he said anything to me that was captured on audio.

I don’t want to discuss the fact that he is from Turin, that we must play Juventus, and that he wants me off the bench. I’d rather not discuss that. I want to address the fact that a referee—in this case, a fourth official—spoke to me in an unsatisfactory manner for the first time in my career.

After the game, he claimed to have visited the referees’ locker room, but the fourth official “appears to have forgotten [what he said]”.

Piccinini observed me entering the locker room and addressing the fourth official with the words “I want you to be honest and say what has happened. He seems to be having memory issues.

But, according to the disciplinary notification from Serie A, Mourinho’s suspension is due to both his conduct on the sidelines and “offensive remarks and inferences” made against the fourth official in the referees’ locker room following the game.

Both times—in September against Atalanta and in November against Torino—the former manager of Manchester United was dismissed for his outbursts in response to decisions that went against his team.

With their triumph, Cremonese broke a joint Serie A record that had stood since their first season in the top division in 1995–1996.

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