Pilot didn’t report anything unusual before the plane crashed in Nepal, an official claims

According to a spokeswoman, the pilot of the airplane that crashed in Nepal did not notice “anything odd” as the aircraft neared the airport.

Anup Joshi reported that there was “no weather issue” and that the “mountains were clear and visibility was good.” He also noted that there was a mild wind.

On Sunday’s wrecked Yeti Airlines flight from Kathmandu to the tourist destination of Pokhara, there were 72 passengers and crew members on board.

It’s thought that nobody survived.

The fatal plane crash in the nation in the last 30 years.

On both sides of the riverbank on Monday, remnants of the Yeti Airlines plane were dispersed like shattered toys.

The windows were still in tact as one section of the airplane was on its side. A few meters distant, twisted blue airplane chairs.

The bank’s charred grass served as a reminder of the firestorm that engulfed the aircraft after it crash-landed, and a heavy cloud of smoke hovered in the air.

As it reached the runway, the plane was captured on a mobile phone rolling sharply. Then, just over a kilometer from the airport, it crashed to the ground in the Seti River’s valley.

The airport granted the pilot’s request to switch from the designated runway 3 to runway 1, according to Mr. Joshi.

“Both runways allowed us to conduct operations. The plane was given the all-clear to land.”

He said that it was “extremely sad” that the event had place only 15 days after the airport had officially opened for business.

Police officers from Nepal told us they had discovered the black box flight recorder as they combed through the debris. Additionally, the voice recorder has been located.

They no longer hold out hope of discovering any survivors. Finding any hints as to how this catastrophe occurred was now the main goal.

The prime minister proclaimed Monday a national day of mourning, and the administration has formed a team to look into what caused the catastrophe.

Hundreds of neighboring residents were present on both sides of the wide gorge where the plane landed.

Indra Prasad Saptoka claimed to have seen the plane veer to the side just prior to impact. He was grateful that it fell far from the nearby homes.

Divya Dhakal, a different local resident, described how she hurried to the accident scene after watching the plane disappear from the sky just after 11:00 local time (05:15 GMT).

“The crash site was already crowded when I arrived. The plane’s flames were spewing out a lot of smoke. Helicopters quickly followed after that “She spoke.

She said, “The pilot did his utmost to avoid hitting any homes or civilization.” Right next to the Seti River, there was a small area, and that’s where the plane crashed.

In Nepal, where isolated runways and abrupt weather changes can create hazardous conditions, aviation accidents are not uncommon.

This Himalayan country boasts some of the most treacherous terrain and some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

In the past, inadequate regulation and a lack of investment in modern planes have also been cited as causes.

Due to worries about maintenance and training standards, the European Union has prohibited Nepalese airlines from operating in its airspace.

22 individuals lost their lives in a Tara Air plane tragedy in northern Nepal in May 2022. 51 people perished four years prior when an aircraft from Bangladesh caught fire as it touched down in Kathmandu.

Tribhuvan Paudel, a journalist, was also aboard the flight, and his sister Chiranjibi Paudel remarked that action needed to be made to increase aviation safety in Nepal.

“The airlines should be punished, and the government’s regulating authority should also be held guilty,” he declared.

Just after 10:30 (04:45 GMT), a Yeti Airlines flight headed south from the Nepalese capital to the popular tourist destination of Pokhara.

53 of the passengers were reportedly from Nepal. On the plane, there were also two Koreans, five Russians, and five Indians. There was one traveler from each of the following countries: Ireland, Australia, Argentina, and France.

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