Why Arsenal is in charge of the championship race

Arsenal must now be considered the favorite to win the Premier League. It is obvious that they will require some relocation from the table’s top.

The only aspect of Mikel Arteta’s team that is still unknown is how they will handle taking the lead in the second half of the season. However, it doesn’t seem like their inexperience in a title chase is bothering them right now.

Further evidence of that came from their outstanding victory over rival Tottenham of north London on Sunday.

They pressed Spurs to keep them confined in their own half in the first half, showing their attacking intensity and flair, and then took advantage of their errors.

Even though Arsenal had to play more defense in the second half, they were still effective without the ball, and when Tottenham did manage to get through, Aaron Ramsdale performed outstandingly in goal to deny them.

Their entire team, from the front to the back, really pleased me. It appears that they have the necessary steel, along with a little bit of bite and hunger, that they will need in the coming months.

This Arsenal team has accomplished a fantastic feat by leading by eight points after 18 games, and it is richly deserved.

Many of their players have already discovered the hard way how quickly things can change, so they now have to try to stay there. When a top-four finish and a return to the Champions League were within reach, they lost out on both due to a decline in play in the last weeks of the previous season.

However, I’ve been saying since the beginning of this season that this Gunners club seems to have a different mentality, and Arteta and his coaching staff have another year of experience.

A talented team with a great attitude has been put together by Arteta, and they appear to be at ease carrying out his instructions.

They are powerful in every position, have a tremendous drive to win, and have overcome every injury they have sustained, including that of Gabriel Jesus, who was so crucial to them at the beginning of the season but hasn’t played since the World Cup. Jesus was not missed because Eddie Nketiah commanded the line so skillfully.

From a tactical standpoint, Arteta appears to be equally prepared. With his strategy on Sunday, he undoubtedly outthought Tottenham manager Antonio Conte, particularly in the first half when it appeared that Arsenal had an extra player in every area of the field.

They still have to play Manchester City twice, and before that, they have to take on a revitalized Manchester United team the following weekend.

But when you are at the top, every game is important, and right now they are looking incredibly strong no matter who they face. They exude an air of confidence, and it currently seems difficult to stop them.

Can Man United compete for the championship?
The entire weekend was quite successful for Arsenal, and it always helps when your closest championship competitors suffer setbacks, like City did with their loss in the Manchester derby on Saturday.

United’s equalizer, which I felt should have been ruled offside, was devastating for the defending champions and significantly altered the course of the match.

However, I don’t see City giving up their championship easily, and there are other teams that might still pose a threat to Arsenal from this position.

I can see why Manchester United is getting a lot of attention again. They are now on a winning streak, and Erik ten Hag and his team have made incredible strides in a short period of time.

Currently, United cannot be ruled out because they play at Emirates Stadium the following Sunday. If they win, you would have to say they are still in the running; however, if Arsenal defeats them, their title chances are effectively finished.

Newcastle United, who have played one more game than Manchester United, are only one point behind City.

However, I wouldn’t consider Newcastle to be a title contender. Despite the difficulties some of the teams just below them are having, I still believe it would be a miracle if they placed in the top four.

Eddie Howe’s team received good news from Tottenham’s loss on Sunday because Spurs are still a threat and are part of the chasing group. We witnessed how they finished the last campaign to deny Arsenal a Champions League spot.

As their players recover from injuries, I also think Chelsea will improve following their recent slump, but Liverpool currently appears to be miles away from contention.

Jurgen Klopp’s team currently plays poorly defensively and lacks ferocity while pressing.

They appear to be a mere shadow of the team we are accustomed to seeing at the top of the league, and I don’t see things improving any time soon – it will be a long and difficult season for them.

I would rather Newcastle win a cup than place in the top four.
Of course, things are completely different for Newcastle supporters right now, and I am loving every second of it.

With their dramatic victory against Fulham this past weekend, Howe continued his stellar work.

It was understandable that it felt flat at first, both for the players and the spectators, after the thrill of Newcastle’s Carabao Cup semifinal-advancing victory over Leicester in midweek.

Despite playing poorly on Sunday and needing some luck with Aleksandar Mitrovic’s missed penalty, Newcastle’s main goal on that day was to get the three points regardless of how they accomplished it.

Although finishing in the Champions League spots would be absolutely amazing, I value the potential to win trophies the most.

A trophy would be my ideal outcome for this campaign; the Carabao Cup would be my top choice over the top four.

Naturally, I’d love to see both come to pass, but given the option, I’d choose silverware every time. It means a lot more to me.

The Fairs Cup, which later evolved into the Europa League, was the final trophy Newcastle ever won. It was awarded in 1969.

It has been a very long wait to see us succeed because it was before I was born. I hope it ends quickly.

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